Butyl rubber – IIR

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Butyl Rubber

Grade Mooney viscosity UML 1+8 (125 °C) TDS
IIR-1675 46-56 Please fill the form to get TDS and COA

Butyl rubber is a product of copolymerization of isobutylene and isoprene.
Product characteristics: density 0,92 g/cm3; appearance – bale of white to yellow color;
weight of a bale 30±l kg.
Shelf life is 2 (two) years since the date of manufacture.
Packing: polyethylene wrapping film or EVA film, thickness 0,06-0,07 mm;
metal container MB-5 1,26 mt, plywood 1,26 mt, plastic 1,08 mt or 0,54 mt.