AMIX 1000 – BASF

  • Chemical family

    Ethylene Amines

  • CAS number


  • Physical form


  • Chemical name

    AMIX 1000

  • Molecular drawing

    AMIX 1000 CAS#: 68910-05-4

  • Packaging

  • 200KG Steel drums

AMIX 1000, an ethylene amine mix, is used mainly in the field of asphalt additives. In a diverse range of applications, AMIX 1000 also serves as a corrosion inhibitor, fuel and lubricant additive, and is used in epoxy hardener systems.

AMIX 1000 is a component used in what is known as “antistrip” additives for asphalt blends. These additives facilitate adhesion between mineral and bituminous asphalt components.

In addition, AMIX 1000 is a component of fuel and lubricant additives and epoxy hardener systems, and it serves as a corrosion inhibitor in various chemical industry applications.

Technical Data Sheet 

N-(2-Aminoethyl)ethanolamine (AEEA) hakkında daha fazla bilgi için lütfen teknik uzmanlarımızla iletişime geçin.